Google Voice transcription

The following is a Google Voice Transcription I received this afternoon, this cracks me up!

” Yeah. Hey Tim, This is Tony. I should say this is Matt from Val
Spahr planks. I actually got your name from Royal, so I know you have. Yeah, I’ll set up a rose and I just wanted to talk to about some of our pay products, not sure if you use Osbourne pastor. If you’ve ever tried anything else but we basically have a new program where we’re you know
we’ve kind of stuff to help with our service. Wells at the low store and you know we wanted to get some information to you on a some of our new products. I’m in the Houston area today. I know it’s kinda late. It’s minutes almost 1 o’clock but I just wanted to get a hold of you and I’ll talk to you more about your pain and see if you’d like to help you out. I can tell you the average small to mid size cleaner we’re saving roughly $527 a gallon. Based on competitive people, products, you called me so I think we can save you some money.”

Posted via email from 32 Voices

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